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September 2017 links

The Shield
Sheriff's office begins replacing tasers with pepper guns
Trump just reauthorized police to use high-tech military gear — Here's what they can get
Trump's decision on military-style weapons will harm communities  
Six-hour standoff in Lidgerwood
Man in Rockbridge County standoff gets 18 years for shooting at sheriff's deputies
Here's one thing Trump, his right-wing fans and left-wing foes can agree on
Jacksonville's Al Letson protects man from Cali rally beating: I thought they were going to kill him
Filmmaker hopes to show 'what really happened' in Ferguson
Loveland SWAT standoff ends peacefully
Thoughts on Berkeley's Response to the August 27 Alt-Right Fizzle
Deputies: Search underway for 'armed and dangerous' man accused of shooting girlfriend's son
'It's our turn to speak': Police supporters defend Trump rally response to Phoenix City Council
Franklin manhunt suspect reaches plea deal with prosecutors
Sidney Moss: Criticizes sending surplus military gear to police
Court moves forward on Capitol rally violence
Berkeley City Council OKs police use of pepper spray on violent protesters
VERIFY: Can police pepper spray without warning?
Long Beach SWAT tear gas gets teenage suspect's surrender
Gardena barricade situation ended by battering ram


July-August 2017 Links

Police Use Teargas During Portland Rallys
Inauguration Day Protesters Sue DC Police Over Rectal Probes
City to beef up police patrols during summer
23 Arrested and Tear Gas Deployed After a KKK Rally in Virginia
This animated video tells you what tear gas does to the human body and how to stay safe
What's Inside Triple-Action Mace? Chili Peppers and UV Dye
Cox family ready for normal lives again after repairs
Suspect surrenders after four-hour police standoff, tear gas
FWPD: Man fires several shots at officers
UPDATE: 22 arrested, tear gas deployed as Ku Klux Klan rallies in Charlottesville
Questions over use of tear gas at KKK rally
PHOTOS, VIDEO: Standoff at North Little Rock home ends after suspect kills himself, police say
Charlottesville Police Chief Addresses Use of Tear Gas After KKK Rally
Suspect identified in North Little Rock stand-off
New PepperSpray
Manchester man, flushed out of apartment by SWAT team, pleads guilty to drug charges
Douglas County deputies fire off tear gas cans to end standoff
Man arrested after standoff with police in Fairfield
Suspect arrested after standoff
Police: woman stabs driver
Officials: 1 person injured in Hampton apartment shooting
SWAT officers fire tear gas in standoff with armed man in LA mansion
Man hit by gas round in viral video now faces charges for aggravated assault on police
Pensacola Police Use Tear Gas to End Standoff With Armed Man
Should Police Departments Be Able To Use Drones?
Jonesborough man whose wife is missing shoots self during standoff with deputies
UPDATED: Taser and tear gas used to arrest barricaded gunman near Williamsburg
Missing tear-gas launcher fell out of truck: BC Mounties
Alleged gunman in standoff identified
Police used teargas in 22-hour Lincoln standoff that ended when suspect surrendered Sheriff's Office K-9 injured during operation
RCMP tactical team uses tear gas, forced entry to make arrests in Manitoba
Feds close inquiry into police shooting of Albuquerque man
Man who shot deputy kills himself
In the Line of Duty: Wounded deputy receives Purple Heart from the American Police Hall of Fame
Standoff at Hillcrest Apartments ends in arrest
Man barricaded in Reseda/Encino area taken into custody
Flash bang and tear gas convince armed man to surrender after 7-hour Dover standoff

May-June 2017 Links

Police use tear gas, beanbag projectiles to subdue man after standoff in Winchester
Pungent smelling CS shells to aid pellet guns in Kashmir
Yet to test laughing gas as tool for crowd control
Tear gas component found along U.S. Highway 6
Police standoff ends with less-lethal gas application in Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow standoff ends with tear gas
Oak Harbor Christian School closes today while police investigate nearby
Joliet police use tear gas to end 7-hour armed standoff
Police: Shot fired at police during Halfmoon standoff; tear gas
Teargas, pepper spray used against California protesters
When negotiating and tear gas fail, K9 units end an 8-hour police standoff in Fairview with no ...
Waco Branch Davidan siege came to its deadly end 24 years ago today
Joliet police use tear gas to end 7-hour armed standoff
Police: Standoff Suspect Will Face Megan's Law Violation Charges
Tear Gas Standoff Gunman Taken to County Jail, Hit With New Charge: Cops
Bewildered Farmers Sue Fresno County for Overkill
A Taser, pepper spray, tear gas wouldn't stop him; he finally died from a bullet
PepperBall® Showcases Its Next‐generation Non-Lethal Systems at Mock Prison Riot ...
West Valley City Police arrest fugitive using non-lethal pepper balls
Claim offers details on Florence tear gas case
Defective can of pepper spray made cop sick: lawsuit
Tear gas flushes fugitive out of Chalmette canal, sheriff says
Venturan arrested after meth, tear gas found
Police open inquest after baby dies after allegedly inhaling teargas

April 2017 Links

Armed suspect at large after SWAT team surrounds Winnetka home for hours
Vintage tear gas pen gun
Werribee siege death: Police to be investigated over use of 'non-lethal tactics'
Gas drives Sheriff's office to tears
Connecticut lawmakers co-opt privacy bill to allow police use of drones armed with tear gas ...
Barricaded man taken into custody after 8-hour standoff in Hollywood
State calls for lethal drones to tackle mass shootings
US Cops Just Got One Step Closer To Killing People By Drone

March 2017 Links

Police: Gun threat led to stand-off in Sharon, woman's arrest
TV thrown at SWAT truck, 40 tear gas canisters used in 8-hour standoff blamed on mental illness
Tear Gas Used to Arrest Man in Preston County
Tear gas fired into Dayton house as standoff continues
Video shows Ohio officers pepper-spraying a person in a restraint chair - again
Felon forced from home with tear gas during arrest
ND House: Nonlethal drone weapons stay legal for law enforcement
Fire arm, taser, pepper spray used by police officers against animals
Pepper spray used to break up Buffalo Wild Wings brawl at Bayshore Town Center
Damage from standoff near Desert Willow Elementary School
Standoff ends peacefully with arrest after 8 hours
SWAT team uses tear gas on armed man hiding in house
EL mayor reflects on MSU riots including NCAA upsets and wins
Two surrender after Greeley home invasion

Februrary 2017 Links

Man in custody after crossbow standoff with police in Taranaki (New Zealand)
Dangerous 6-hour SWAT standoff ends with tear gas, bullets flying in SLC
ASIRT: RCMP used tear gas on suspect in fatal Stoney Nakoda shooting
Pew survey: Officers more reluctant to use force, make stops
Trump's 'Cadillac One' limo will have tear gas cannon, shotgun: report
Home in Faith surrounded; no one inside
VIDEO: Police use tear gas, flash bangs to clear protest
Lawsuit Challenges DC Police Dept's Unlawful Use of Chemical
Anarchists at the Berkeley riot punched me in the face and tried to steal my phone
Police fire teargas into innocent couple's home in manhunt
WATCH: Upstate NY SWAT team trains with less-than-lethal gear, gas injector
Police douse 'muslim ban' protesters with tear gas in Seattle
Rioting Could Lead to Racketeering Charges Under AZ Senate Plan
San Francisco PD to Suspend Collaboration With FBI Counterterrorism Program
Taxpayers to cough up thousands after failed Napier siege  (New Zealand)
Officers: decision to limit SWAT team endangered lives
Bomb Squad Responding to Tear Gas Report in Norwood
Hours-long Hartshorne standoff ends with arrest
The Persistence of Fatal Police Taserings 2016
The US Army Had Big Plans For Dealing With Riots In The 1960s
Thirteen tips on surviving a protest
Wary of 'unsafe' Trump protest, police adjusting response tactics

January 2017 Links

100 Years of Tear Gas
Tear gas deployment ends Evergreen standoff
Carl Brewer accused of murdering parents who adopted him from Russia in Texas
Suspect arrested in stabbing of Patterson police officer; officer in 'good shape' after being treated at ...
Rioting Penn State fans forced to flee as police use pepper spray following Big Ten win
Protecting yourself from tear gas International News Security Institute
UPDATE: SWAT throws tear gas at man holed up inside house after chase
Deputies: SWAT deploys tear gas, man apprehended in West Side standoff
'Unrealistic and offensive' to let females carry pepper spray
Two men charged after 11-hour standoff
Reports of 'gunshots, teargas' in standoff with police in Mount Vernon, Washington
Man in custody after four-hour standoff
Suspected gunman taken to hospital after violent standoff at KCK hotel
Why some people can tolerate the world's hottest pepper
Man receives pepper spray after spitting on officer
7-hour standoff ends in arrests
2 men a-hiding: SWAT, tear gas, robot, K9 help flush wanted men from Porter Street home
Manchester SWAT team employs robot, tear gas to get man out of hiding spot
Police use tear gas to subdue man wanted in Franklin incident

December 2016 Links

Local teen describes chaos at standoff
Police: Glencoe standoff ends with tear gas, arrest
Tear gas terminates tense squatter SWAT standoff
A Fire Hose May Stop a Riot. A Water Cannon Will
Standing Rock Protester Struck In Eye By Tear Gas Canister May Go Blind
After hours-long standoff with deputies, 2nd jail escapee captured in San Jose
Prosecutor clears officer in man's death, says man was armed
VIDEO: SMPD officers deploying tear gas at E. Mariposa standoff
Dramatic end to 24-hour armed barricade in Pico Rivera: Tear gas, evacuations
Flash-Bangs and Tear Gas to Break Up Portland Riot
Officials use teargas and robot to end 8-hour Bucks County standoff
Tear gas, arrest end 7-hour Riverside standoff
Police use tear gas, arrest 9, in Orange Street drug raid
Oakland anti-Trump protesters tear-gassed
2 arrested, pepper spray used to disperse crowd at anti-Trump rally in Old Market
Records: Sheriff's Office sergeant allowed jailer to use pepper spray on restrained inmate

November 2016 Links

CMPD sued by protesters for use of tear gas
Lock up your guns
Tear Gas Helps End Hours-Long Standoff On Amtrak Train In Chatsworth
San Rafael police arrest suspected repeat prowler
Chlorine: the gas of war crimes
Standoff ends with tear gas at Spokane motel
AMHVoices: Understanding the medical effects of teargas exposure
Tear gas, tense SWAT barricade standoff in South LA over
K9, tear gas help end standoff
Suspect still barricaded after rounds of tear gas
Before PAVA, bhut jolokiya — the world's hottest chilli from the North East — was a weapon for ...
Police End Standoff With Armed Man On Amtrak Train After Tear Gas Deployed
This award-winning documentary on the militarization of police will leave you speechless
Don Dale tear gas 'battleground'
State Police robot video shows 12 hour-long standoff from up-close view
Portage SWAT called to make arrest after incident
West Carroll Middle School students, staff transported after tear gas exposure during field trip
Police robot shows video of machine throwing tear gas
New Tear Gas
Suspect arrested after eleven hour standoff in Clovis
Glynn County police charge man after standoff
Charlotte authorities use tear gas to disperse protesters in Keith Lamont Scott's death
Tear gas ends police standoff with barricaded man
Police Arrest 72-Year-Old Woman After A Domestic Disturbance
Standoff ends in suicide for Ocala man
Armed standoff on Amtrak train in California ends in tear gas
UPDATE | US Marshals arrest fugitive barricaded in Bullitt County mobile home
Police deploy tear gas inside home where shooting suspect barricaded in Tulare, Calif. - Visalia ...
SWAT arrests Daytona Beach man who threatened cops, police say
Suspect fires on police during standoff in McFarland
1 Dead in Holiday Standoff


September 2016 Links

Capsacin and cancer
Robbery Suspects Apprehended After Standoff, Tear Gas
SWAT munitions could be to blame for fire in Roy standoff
Phoenix Police Use Tear Gas, Pepper Spray During Civil Rights Rally
Tear gas, 102 arrested, 21 cops injured in Black Lives Matter protests in St. Paul (VIDEO)
SWAT team arrests teens after gas canisters end standoff at Garland apartments
NYPD used this robot to video chat with hoax bomber
Tear gas used after two and a half hour standoff in South Bend
Police Breakdown a Successful Swat Operation
SDPD Shooting: SWAT surround home near Southcrest in search of second suspect
SWAT team shoots gas pellets to get wanted man down from tree in Colorado Springs
Police deployed tear gas at Obolon district court in Kyiv
Del Paso Heights Shooting suspect found by Police K-9 unit
Man locks himself in car to avoid arrest
SWAT situation turns into death investigation; suspect in custody
7-hour Longmont SWAT standoff ends with tear gas, suspect in custody
Inmate injured, tear gas deployed at Attica
Standoff ends in arrest: Woman accused of firing at BHC cop
SWAT responds to barricaded suspect in Longmont
Barricaded suspect arrested after police deploy tear gas in Lemon Twp standoff
Police use tear gas in Crawford Street home, arrest man
Suspect found asleep after countless rounds of tear gas
Tear gas canisters clue to HazMat scare at Irvine recycler


July 2016 Links

Injured state trooper speaks about shootout inside Oxford home

Inside Britain's secret weapons research facility

Ex-Con Busted with Tear Gas

Montebello man arrested following hours-long SWAT standoff

Teargas not factor in Pickens Co. standoff suspect's death

SAN BERNARDINO: Traffic stop leads to SWAT incident

Ex-Con Busted with Tear Gas

Samurai sword barricade in Little Tokyo: Tear gas, SWAT

Suspect surrenders after tear gas is used in Washington, Mo. sta - KMOV.com

Standoff in Franklin County ends with tear gas being fired into home

Gunman who opened fire in Paulding neighborhood found dead

Neighbors describe Paulding shooter as odd, but non-threatening

Phoenix police use tear gas to arrest man, Alawisuces Jackson, wanted in drug case

Tear gas, flash bang used to arrest man wanted by police

Tear Gas, Handgun, Meth, 250 Plants Found in Raid on Eureka Home

Police use chili grenades, teargas to break up protests in Anantnag

Man arrested after SWAT standoff

Authorities arrest burglar after standoff just outside Fresno

Clarksville Police used tear gas to end standoff early Tuesday

Barricaded man flushed out with tear gas

Tear gas causes fire; no word on fate of suspect

Suspects in custody after tear gas fired into Schenectady home

Deputies Use Tear Gas On Suspect In Shootout At Trailer Park Near Highway 5


May-June 2016 Links

Community Supports California SWAT

Police use tear gas in arrest of Longueuil stabbing suspect

Man yells Uncle after tear gas deployed.

Sheriff: Deputy fired for pepper spraying restrained inmate

100 guns, 15 flat-screen TVs found in tear-gas raid of suspect's home

Demonstrators face pepper spray over Brenner pass

Bratton Advises New Yorkers on How to Not Get Shot by Police

Montreal police use tear gas to disperse anti-capitalist demonstrators

The Latest: Police Use Pepper Spray on Seattle Protesters

Swat Team Standoff

'Non-lethal' police weapons like tear gas, rubber bullets cause severe injury and death: study

Bartlesville standoff ends peacefully

Officials: Armed man still will not surrender despite tear gas, negotiations

Tear Gas Ends Stand-Off with Law Enforcement in Pensacola

LAPD SWAT, dogs, horses hail headquarters

SAN BERNARDINO: Tear gas used as police, SWAT team try to serve warrant

Armed man still will not surrender despite tear gas, negotiations

Police Blotter: Teargas flushes stabbing suspect from apartment

Man who shot at officers during NE Portland standoff taken into custody, police say

The Latest: Albuquerque police fire tear gas at protesters

Video: Albuquerque Officers Injured at Anti-Trump Protest

Fremont shooting

Man forced out of apartment with tear gas ID'd after SWAT standoff in Manchester

Man dies after Tulsa police use Taser, pepper spray


April 2016 Links

Updated: Suspect possibly fled home during seven-hour standoff on Sherman Street

Man allegedly shoots at cops

Mayor James defends KCPD's use of pepper spray outside Donald Trump rally

West North Street standoff ends peacefully

Flora Man Faces Multiple Charges After Holding Police at Bay on Friday

Michelle Schumacher shares story of past 6 weeks since deadly standoff

Six-hour Van Nuys standoff ends in one arrest

Armed man removed from trailer with tear gas, no injuries

Cool training photos of Chongqing SWAT team

Lewis County SWAT responds to shots fired in Mossyrock

Police use tear gas during 3 hour standoff

Louisville SWAT officers sue city for OT pay

Moses Lake police pepper-spray man allegedly refusing to leave police car

Teargas used to shut down prison riot

Six-hour Van Nuys standoff ends in one arrest


February 2016 Links

SWAT ends Boone Co. standoff using 'chemical irritant'

Hours-long SWAT standoff in Greenwood ends peacefully

Police: Mahoning Township man threatened to kill them

These 6 Drones Are Ready and Waiting To Tear Gas You

SWAT standoff in progress outside downtown LA hotel

Affidavit shows Tampa man's possible intentions for pipe bombs

8-hour West Covina barricade situation ends peacefully

Op-ed: Berkeley must prohibit use of CS gas on protesters

NYPD Triples the Strength of Their Pepper Spray Because the Old Stuff Didn't Hurt Enough

Police adjust polices on use of force after federal ruling on Tasers

Cops May Quell the Next Baltimore-Like Uprising With Tear Gas Drones




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