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The world of law enforcement chemical agents is constantly changing, with new product introductions, new formulations, new methods of delivery, and new laws that affect the way that police agencies use chemical agents. Historically, most of the officers attending a chemical agent's course are either going to teach chemical agents at their agency, or are assigned to a tactical team and are taking a course to upgrade their knowledge for tactical deployment purposes.

Our philosophy is simple. If you want to be a credible chemical agents instructor or operator, you need to not only have as much theoretical knowledge as possible, you also need to gain practical, hands-on experience as well. That means getting exposed to, and deploying as many different types of chemical agents under as many differing conditions as possible.

In this web site we offer you an instructor's guide to chemical agents. A must read for all persons involved with the tactical deployment Throwof law enforcement non-lethal chemical agents and for instructors in the subject. We also offer several unusual tools for the tactical deployment of chemical agents during barricade incidents and crowd control, decontamination products and wipes and links to many other chemical agent related sites.

Explore the site and send us suggestions on how we may improve the site to help serve our community better. You can contact us through the contacts page. Call or e-mail.

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